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PROTECTIVE COVENANTS for Longhorn hideaway Phase 1

A Silhouette Hills, LLC Development

The purpose of these covenants is an effort to maintain the vision of the development, issues:

  • To maintain and increase property values
  • To promote harmony among the residents
  • To provide privacy and a certain degree of security
  • To sustain the natural and attractive environment
  • To encourage a pleasant and quiet living experience, surrounded by wildlife and historic livestock.

Therefore the following covenants are hereby established upon all the lots in Longhorn Hideaway Phase 1:

Lot Requirements

  1. All lots shall be exclusively for residential purposes.
  2. The placement and angle of the dwelling, septic tank and leach field upon said lot must meet the approval of the Belmont County Health Department.
  3. All soil ditched, moved or transferred in any way will be promptly reclaimed with top soil, vegetation and adequately restored to prevent erosion and dust to adversely effect other residents.
  4. All lots are to be kept clean and neat by the owner at all times.
  5. Two or more lots may be combined by owner, however, easements on former property lines still apply.
  6. Further division of lots prohibited.
  7. Each homeowner must construct and maintain a permanent driveway with a culvert if needed from the subdivision roadway to their particular residence structure.
  8. No trees may be removed from any lot without approval of developer, heirs or assigns in writing.

Building Requirements

  1. No structure shall be erected, placed or permitted on any lot other than a single family dwelling, and a private garage.
  2. No structure or buildings shall be placed closer than 50 feet from street line and must be set back at least 15 feet from any property line.
  3. Each dwelling shall contain not less than 1500 hundred square feet of finished living space, excluding any attic areas.
  4. All dwellings shall be constructed entirely on site. No modular or mobile homes allowed.
  5. Construction is to be completed within one (1) year from starting time.
  6. All dwellings shall be constructed with natural exterior with a western or frontier decor, i.e. wood siding, log, brick, stone or stucco. Stone fireplaces and wood decks are recommended. All colors should be natural earth tones. No vinyl siding, aluminum siding, particle board siding, or exposed block or foundations. All foundation block must be covered with brick, stucco or stone to grade.
  7. All building plans and exterior building materials must be approved in writing by the developer or heirs or assigns before construction on said dwelling may begin. Plans and materials must be adhered to. Any changes in either plans or materials must be approved by the developer, heirs or assigns in writing. All reasonable plans will be approved which conform to the Longhorn Hideaway Covenants.
  8. Any swimming pool must be constructed below ground level and must be surrounded by a fence at least six feet high.
  9. Propane, Air Conditioners, or Fuel storage tanks that are installed outside any building shall be placed in such a position not to be visible from the road.


  1. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot, except that dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept, provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose. No more than four (4) cats and dogs (total) will be permitted at any time on the premises. Dogs must be contained within a fence or kennel that is at least 40 feet from all property lines. Such animals shall not be permitted to run loose in the development.
  2. No sign boards or advertising posters shall be permitted, except professionally painted signs or notices which may offer the property for rent or for sale.
  3. No grass clippings, plastic wrappers, limbs, trees, rocks, stones, or any other trash or waste materials may be placed on any adjoining lot or lands.
  4. No shooting of any firearm is permitted on any lot or from any lot onto adjoining lands.
  5. No radio towers or high antenna may be placed on any lots, except satellite dish or TV equipment for family use.
  6. No buses, R.V.'s, boats, trailers, trucks, or similar vehicles may be parked at any dwelling for longer than a week which are not in functional condition and licensed.
  7. Buses, RVs, boats, trailers, trucks, or similar vehicles, which are in running condition and parked on the lot, must be positioned in such a way as to not be visible from the road.
  8. No structures of temporary character, trailer, bus, tent, shack or garage shall be used on any lot at any time as a residence for more than one week.
  9. No storage of junk, pallets, or wrecked autos or similar nuisances is allowed on any lot.
  10. Home business allowed with two (2) or less employees. Any business vehicle of a utility nature must be parked in a garage or so as to not be visible from the roadway.
  11. No alcoholic beverages, or illegal substances may be manufactured, sold or distributed on the property.

Easements and Utilities

  1. Utilities shall be placed underground to the dwelling by the lot owner.
  2. All unsold lots may be changed or altered by the developer, heirs and assigns to the betterment of the development.
  3. All lots are subject to a 7.5 foot wide public utility easement abutting and contiguous with all lot lines. Easements for installation and maintenance of all utilities and drainage facilities are reserved.
  4. The developer, heirs and assigns may continue to use their remaining and adjoining property for livestock purposes perpetually.
  5. By acceptance of a deed in Longhorn Hideaway, the grantee, heirs and assigns, consent to the above provisions and promises Grantors and the allotment planners, their heirs and assigns, and other lot owners, their heirs and assigns, to cooperate in carrying the covenants into effect.
  6. Covenants are to run with the land and are binding to all parties.
  7. The developer anticipates normal agricultural procedures, fertilization, conservation, and livestock production on open and wooded adjoining acreage. All visuals, sounds and smells of agricultural and livestock production will be perpetually available.
  8. "Cattle Drive" will be constructed and maintained by the developer until six or more lots are purchased. At that time a management plan will be implemented whereby maintenance will be cost shared equally by acreage owners.
  9. A security gate may be constructed at the Muskrat Road entry with private entry codes for 911, emergency officials and residents.