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Imagine thousands of acres of rolling Appalachian hills, running streams, and natural beauty just outside your backdoor, a vast play ground for wildlife, Texas Longhorn cattle, and you.

At Dickinson Cattle Company the careful plan and placement of a limited number of home-sites to provide an extraordinary natural setting without disrupting nature is now in place. This gives you the perfect place for your dream home and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the beauty you see will continue. If you are thinking of moving to the country, make the natural choice. The privacy and seclusion offered right in the center of thousands of acres of prime ranch land at DCCI may be perfect for you.

The LONGHORN HIDEAWAY development is designed for interstate convenience, just 2 minutes down the road connects with exit #198 of I-70. With the nation's major roadway just 2 miles away, LONGHORN HIDEAWAY development is private, secluded and quietly hidden out of industry's sight. The sensible architectural guidelines to protect the property value and covenants help assure a permanent pleasant environment.

Gate SignDickinson Cattle Company is one of the largest registered cattle operations in the nation and quietly wraps around planned sites. Although choice parcels may be 1 to 4 acres in size, several thousand acres frame the back fences where deer, turkey, Texas Longhorn cattle, and wild fowl of every kind enjoy a healthy life style.

Don't be surprised to meet a herd of Texas Longhorns being driven right down the middle of Muskrat Rd. This is all part of the package. When colorful calves are born during the Easter season you may feel like gathering up your rope and putting a few in your basket. The sound of the woodpecker, migratory geese, hoot owls and a distant coyote will guarantee each resident you are no longer a city dweller. You have kicked the city off your boots and a new life has been born.

With a LONGHORN HIDEAWAY chunk of country you can design and build the home you've always wanted to build, and live the way you have always wanted to live. The time is right. The interest rates are great.

Many lots are within view or at least sound of a free flowing stream. The hard wood trees surround every lot. In the Fall no one can count all the colors. Autumn in the Appalachians is truly a time and place of spectacular natural beauty and has tremendous recreational opportunities for all.

This unique location is exactly half way between Columbus and Pittsburgh. It's only 5 miles from Barnesville, Ohio and a jet accessible air strip (4000' X 65" runway). Only 15 miles from St. Clairsville's Ohio Valley Mall and Wal-Mart Plaza. It's 3 miles from 16000 acre Egypt Valley Wildlife Area.

At LONGHORN HIDEAWAY development the startling sound you will hear is the silence............a place to let yourself reflect. Do it here. For more information about a purchase or to schedule a tour of the land call 740 758 5050.