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Entry Way

Security Gate       Gate Sign Security Gate - Exit Side       Security Gate

Kids on Swingset
Longhorn Hideaway was created for families. Its' creator's goals are for safe, quiet, healthy, and colorful life styles. Invision a backyard for the kids, (or grandkids) to play that looks like the prettiest city park..... with a front yard to perfectly match.
Residents House
trees.jpg The First home at Longhorn Hideaway is the developer's family. Does that make a statement about quality of life? trees.jpg
The Most important
part of a building Site.


The well drilling rig.
Construction of the
Jones home on lot #3 (finished now)

Lot #7 Troy Residence
Finished and occupied..

Troy Home

Jones home on lot #3
Jones Home
trees.jpg At Longhorn Hideaway, the Autumn leaves are so rich in color it almost becoomes an explosion of natural color. trees.jpg
trees.jpg Cattle Drive is the main street in Longhorn Hideaway. forest_road.jpg
trees2.jpg Every tree, vine, leaf, and flower in Longhorn Hideaway are a result of the Lord's design & his perfect meticulous patterns. trees2.jpg
trees.jpg As Longhorn Hideaway was developed, drab colored trees were removed so that the Fall colors would be brilliantly crimson and gold
pair.jpg trees2.jpg arial2.jpg cows_on_road.jpg
cow_in_front_of_pond.jpg arial.jpg trees.jpg cattle_reflection.jpg